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“The best possible kind of crowd-pleaser."

- Filmmaker Magazine

“Everything about ONLY THE YOUNG is amazing… the most genuinely honest and heartfelt teen movie since John Hughes.”


“I’m ready to file ONLY THE YOUNG in the all-time coming-of-age canon.”

- Hammer to Nail

ONLY THE YOUNG follows the story of three teenagers that live in a small desert town in Southern California – a town dominated by foreclosed homes and underpasses, unfilled swimming pools and skate parks. These kids must find things to do in a place that offers nothing – yet in the course of observing their day-to-day lives, we see them discover friendship, first love, heartbreak, and what it means to be young. Tippet and Mims’ delicate, ethereal filmmaking and ONLY THE YOUNG’s innocent yet rebellious subjects collectively embody the very essence of adolescence.

Garrison Saenz
Kevin Conway
Sky Elmore
Directed by:
Jason Tippet
Elizabeth Mims
Produced by
Derek Waters

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